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Cost Effective CMM Programming for SolidWorks

AccuMetria Product Information


AccuMetria CMMWorks provides simple, powerful, economical and fully integrated off-line Coordinate Measuring Machine programming for SolidWorks™.

Off-line programming of Coordinate Measuring Machines using AccuMetria CMMWorks metrology software offers several benefits. It prevents CMMs from being tied up during on line programming, thus increasing their efficiency. It allows the programmer to directly use the CAD model to obtain accurate geometry and tolerance information. Using the CAD model to create the CMM program also allows the programming to be completed before any physical parts exist, which helps streamline the manufacturing inspection process. Creating your DMIS 4.0, MeasureMax, GeoMeasure, MM4 or Tutor program off-line also helps to eliminate program errors that can lead to probe crashes.

Do you have a backlog of part inspection programs to write?
Are you spending long hours programming your part inspection programs by hand or on the CMM?
Make use of your CAD models!

For about the price of a touch trigger probe, you could be programming your CMM off-line with AccuMetria CMMWorks.

AccuMetria Product Information

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